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Wisdom is to live in harmony with nature and learn all what she has made.

    Nutrition Problem Affect Everyone
   greenhouse   Traditional methods of cultivation of agricultural plants and animals may allow small farms and urban dwellers to reduce the cost of growing high-quality products at minimum cost. For example: on a small potato field, you can manually collect the beetles and on cabbage beds manually collect caterpillars. The old method of protecting plants and animals from disease will grow healthy foods. Your body is healthier and boosts immunity faster than otherwise have to take medicines, vitamins and nutritional supplements. If you are accustomed to their intake - not reject them, but in the natural products all nutrients are balanced and are in the required amounts. You can not eat with a cup of tea a 1 lb lemons and put in the cup a few slice. It will not cause an overdose of vitamin C.
     Everyone can and must take care about the quality of food consumed by them and their family. If possible themselves to grow vegetables and fruits and agricultural animals, catch fish.

Do You Know What You Eat?      

  Do you know what goes into your food? In industrial produced food the producers use a cocktail of pesticides to control diseases and insects. The average none organic fruit contains more than 20 pesticides. The toxic chemicals cause illness. You need to start giving your self and your family quality food. The best way - grow food on your backyard. Organic food has a different test. Organic products when they were normal on earth, are now considered a luxury item. Prices for these products are higher in two or more times. Organic foods are becoming more popular - it is a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. 
 Research of the International Union of Young Farmers in the ground, fertilized with organic fertilizers and compost to 5 times more calcium and 2000 times more iron than in the land which was treated with conventional mineral fertilizers. Grown on such soil the plant contain up to 70% more than the body needs amino acids and vitamins (The Epoch Times Ukraine).

The Newest Form of All Natural Food: Certified Naturally Grown

     More than 750 farm in North America are Certified Naturally Grown. Certified Naturally Grown farmers follow the USDA Standards of the National Organic Program, but the record keeping and inspection process is tailored to accommodate the needs of small-scale mixed - agriculture farmers, and are not normally permitted to use the word "organic". Farmer - Inspector are uniquely qualified to observe and note whether their neighbors are sticking to the standards, and encouraged to provide helpful feedback, which helps foster a sense of community and sharing.
     Certified Naturally Grown offers a grassroots alternative to Certified Organic for farmers and beekeepers. Founded on the original ideals of the organic movement - small scale sustainable agriculture serving local communities - Certified Naturally Grown programs are designed for farmers and beekeepers who sell locally and observe traditional health and working with the soil's ecology rather than rely on chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

About the Future of Farming


        On Jan. 24 2011 was published a report The Foresight Report on Food and Farming Futures. The report is show  two years study, involving 400 experts from 35 countries. They express fears that the world faces starvation.
      Scientists project that the Earth's population over the next 20 years will increase to 8.3 billion people. In the near future, the population of the planet needed food increased by 40%, water 30% more and a 50% energy increase.
      Scientists  thing that basic commodities - climate change,  water and energy prices  will  be the main obstacle for efficient food producers.  It is projected that by 2050 the world  population will grow, and, consequently, all the feed, food production in the next 40 years to double.  Expert believe that the assistance to farmers is central to solving the problem of global malnutrition.

        Beginning Projact for New Farmers
    More and more urban residents are willing to grow fruits and vegetables in their gardens or acquire a small farm in the countryside. The desire to eat, but the knowledge and experience is in sufficient for farming there. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to stumble on their own. On the site "Farms Books" open a new page "Farmers new beginning". There will be an explanation on how to start building a farm from scratch, how to grow crops without the use of chemicals and fertilizers.
    Now on the site other than the house and the garage there is nothing yet. We will begin to build the farm step by step. Everything we talk about on the page "Farmers new beginning".
    The project was launched on February 20. On this day, I sowed the first seeds in the greenhouse - like planting box for the future of the garden.
    To continue our project we need your help. A lot we can do with our hands, but have a lot to acquire, construct a barn for animals, chicken coop, and much more.


Labeling of products: "100% Organic" - 100% organic ingredients. "Organic" - At least 95% organic ingredients. "Made with Organic" - At least 70-95% organic ingredients.

 Beginning Project
           More and more urban residents are willing to grow fruits and vegetables in their gardens or acquire a small farm in the countryside. On the site "Farms Books" open a new page "Farmers new beginning".

Delightful Garden

      Spring is coming and many have already started planning what to plant and what can be changed in the garden. I would like to offer a few tips on how you can change the look of an existing site or build a new one.
      How does the best Garden look? Everyone has their own idea of beauty and design, but, despite the difference of design, all the gardeners come together to agree that the ideals, first of all, a garden easy to care for. The secret of its creation is simple: only carefully thought-out planning of the plot will help to avoid errors in the creation of the garden, which further greatly reduce the time to care for it.
      You must first identify its weaknesses. It can only be done a thorough an analysis of its layout. Dislike of the garden is sometimes difficult to understand even for their owners. Subconsciously, we feel that if it change something, it wou...

Teas from Depression
florida and aug to nov 2011 393
       Autumn came. Nights are longer and colder. Ahead a long winter. The lack of vitamins in the body and reducing number of days of sunshine can cause depression.
   How to maintain a good mood and good spirits? With this can help tea. This may be a mixture of tea and herbs, or just a mixture of herbs. It is best to store tea in a glass jar with a tight lid. Keep the plant components for one - two years.
     Need to brew the same dose as the usual tea in a porcelain teapot. After 5 - 10 minutes you can drink the tea.
     Tea with mint leaves has a calming effect. I love to drink this tea without sugar or add a little honey. Honey has a calming effect. Tea should be very warm. Drink it be leisurely in small sips. You feel as heat spreads through the body and improves mood.
      Drink made out of the hips. 8 - 10 dried berries hips pour 1 cup boiling wa...


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